Local access numbers and conference codes

National and international.

October 23

We regularly receive questions about dial-in numbers and conference codes: "Which phone number does a participant call in Belgium?" and "What conference code should a participant use abroad?". The answer to these questions is simple.

Everyone can choose

Each chairperson or participant any where in the world can choose the most favorable dial-in number from this list: www.newconference.com/local. For redundancy purposes a primary and an alternative dial-in number is provided for most countries. These numbers are routed over different telco paths. So when you are experiencing a problem with one number you can use the other one. The phone numbers are displayed in national format (ie without country code) but you can switch to international format by clicking on the link "International format".

One conference code for all participants

The conference code for a certain teleconference is the same for everyone regardless of which phone number is used and from which country. The chairman can also use any dial-in number in combination with his pin code.

NewConference has local access numbers in many countries

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